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Peers Against ViolencE (PAVE) is a youth-focused program of REACH Beyond Domestic Violence. PAVE engages youth and adults who support youth to learn about dating abuse and healthy relationships and become active leaders in dating violence prevention. PAVE is a multi-pronged program that serves the community through:


PAVE[education] In school and community-based  settings, PAVE provides multi-session dating violence prevention education that is evidence-informed and rooted in social-emotional learning concepts. 


PAVE[leadership development] Through facilitative leadership and training, PAVE provides on-going technical assistance to local youth.  They learn skills to train their peers in dating violence and healthy relationship discussions and implement social change campaigns.


PAVE[summit] REACH’s annual youth leadership summit unites Massachusetts teen leaders for a day of professional education, facilitative leadership development and networking. 

 PAVE[net] PAVE’s official webpage, offers practical information about dating abuse, tips to support friends in abusive relationships, and strategies to engage communities.

 PAVE[support services] REACH offers teens individual and group support through one-on-one counseling and psycho-educational groups. All services are free and confidential.