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Think your friend is in an abusive relationship?
Here are signs to look out for:

Does your friend...
  • cancel plans with friends and family?
  • seem sad, withdrawn, or insecure?
  • appear to be changing (appearance, grades, weight, personality)?
  • make excuses for their partnerís behavior?
  • seem afraid of their partner?

  • Your friend may be in an abusive relationship.

    Does your friend...
  • tell their partner what to do and how to act?
  • constantly check up on their partner (texting, calling, email)?
  • insult or call their partner names?
  • physically hurt their partner in any way?
  • blame their partner for any arguments or problems?

  • Your friend may be abusing their partner.

    For a checklist of warning signs, click here.
    Quick Exit
    24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.899.4000