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There are many ways to put an awareness campaign into action. Here are some ways your group can go public.

EDUCATE your community
Do you think that your community needs more education on dating abuse? There are
many ways to launch an education campaign. Pair up with an adult advisor and local
domestic violence agency to create a peer education group. Work with your school to
visit health classes and educate peers about abuse.

Post warning signs or tips for bystanders on bulletin boards in your school. Invite a
survivor speaker
to talk to your school about their experience. Engage your theatre group
to create skits about dating abuse and bystander engagement; perform them on a
school-approved dating abuse awareness day. Organize a panel presentation of local
teens and adults to answer questions about abuse.

CREATE awareness
Get creative to raise awareness. Sponsor a poetry slam and invite local teens to speak
out against abuse. Work with local artists and school authorities to create an anti-violence
mural on school property. Sponsor a dating/domestic abuse art installation, like the
Clothesline Project or Silent Witness Exhibit. Create a poster campaign and post it in
bathrooms. Create a group logo or slogan. Use it on t-shirts to give-away or sell at sports
events and fundraisers. Don’t have time to create your own stuff? Request our gear and
pass it out to teens in your area.

Get connected with other groups who are working to end abuse. Add PAVE as a cause
on Facebook.
Read stories of groups we’ve worked with. Join other teens for a morning
of idea-sharing and sign up for our annual PAVE summit. Share our site with peers on
your friends lists. Play our game, record your high score, and pass it on to friends.
Encourage your group or your group advisor to join our listserv and receive updates
about Massachusetts resources and events.

engage MEDIA
Write an article for the PTSO newsletter. Get a news station to feature your fundraiser,
vigil, or poster campaign on the local news. Or ask a local station to work with your group
to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Write a letter to the editor of your local
paper. Use our sample media advisory to get your started.

LOBBY for change
Are their local or statewide policies that you’d like to change? You can write a statement
to your local representative or senator
asking them to support legislation and funding to
end dating abuse. Do you feel like your school needs to change its policy on supporting
teens in abusive relationships? Research the issue, write a letter to your principal, gather
supportive signatures,
and ask to present your issue at a meeting.
Quick Exit
24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.899.4000