Welcome to PAVEnet -- a website that networks teens to end dating and sexual violence in their communities.

Here you’ll find information on dating abuse- what abuse looks like, signs to look out for, and tools for how to talk with friends about abuse.

You can also find tips on beginning a peer education group and raising awareness in your community. Download materials and request PAVE gear. Check out what other teens are doing across the state or connect directly through Facebook [link to facebook].

If you’re an adult who works with youth, you may want to check out our adults section for more information. You can also join a community of youth-invested adults through our listserv; connect with your peers, post upcoming events in your area, and learn about the issues that affect the teens we work with. Get updates on PAVE 2008, our annual youth summit for teens, or register [link to PAVE registration materials- PDF] your peer group today.

For more information on PAVEnet, check out our history, philosophy [what we believe], and programs.

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24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.899.4000