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It is difficult to witness abuse, whether the person experiencing it is a close friend or family member, or simply a classmate or neighbor.

It is normal to think that “it’s none of my business” and want to just walk away.

If a friend is a survivor, you may wish that they would just leave or think “Why do they put up with that?” If a friend is an abuser, you may feel torn between confronting your friend about their behavior and preserving your friendship.

If you decide to intervene you may feel anxious about looking stupid or losing a friend. You may also be afraid for your safety. It is important to make sure you are safe any time you decide to intervene in an abusive situation.

If a friend stays in an abusive relationship it may frustrate you or make you feel angry. It is normal for couples to break up and get together multiple times. Even though you may get stressed out or tired of supporting a friend again and again, stick it out and find yourself a trusted friend or adult to talk to.
Quick Exit
24 Hour Hotline: 1.800.899.4000