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Whether you’re an educator, youth worker, parent, or coach,
we know that you’re invested in the teens in your life.

While we encourage you to learn about dating abuse and methods to talk with teens
experiencing abuse
, we also challenge you to promote and support youth-led anti-
violence initiatives.

Peer leadership programs engage youth in their schools and communities. Effective
programs build individual leadership skills, provide opportunities for youth to develop
awareness of community issues, and encourage youth-led programs to educate peers
and the community at-large.

For general information on peer leadership programs, visit Partners Against Hate.

To learn about specific dating abuse peer leadership programs in Massachusetts,
check out our featured programs and archives.

Still have more questions? Join servPAVE, our listserv for adult organizers of peer
leadership programs. Connect with other youth-invested adults across the state,
discover upcoming events in your area, and learn about the issues that affect
the teens you work with.

Once you’ve figured out which type of program you’d like to begin, it’s time to
Get Organized and help create a peer leadership group in your school or community.
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