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Are you ready to create a peer leadership program in your
school or community?

First, assess your personal and organizational readiness. Do you have the capacity
(time, energy, resources) to be the adult advisor of a teen peer leadership group?
If you’re working within a school or community organization, talk with your principal
or supervisor about the type of program you’d like to start. Peer leadership programs
often require training for teens and their advisors. This may be a good opportunity to
partner with a local domestic violence agency for training, resources, and support. Are
there incentives for teens who participate (e.g., community volunteering hours, service
learning credit, stipends)? You may need financial or in-kind support from your school
or organization.

Once you’ve got the green light think about how you want to handle recruitment. Are
there teens you know who are already interested in this issue? Invite them to take a
leadership role in recruitment. Check out our teen Getting Organized section for
information on beginning a peer leadership group, including strategies for recruitment.

So, you’ve got a group of teens who are ready to take on the issue. But what issue?
Having your peer leadership group brainstorm, research, and choose the issues they
want to take on is key to sustaining a successful group. Get organized with our stepwise
process to beginning a campaign. Check out our tools for information and handouts.

Help your group focus in on a project. Got a creative streak? Consider using the arts
or theatre as tools for change. Are your kids tech savvy? Perhaps they could build a
teen section for the school website or work with a local cable tv station to create
a Public Service announcement. Use our Going Public guide for specific examples
of public dating abuse awareness campaigns.
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